2013 was one heck of a year! Personally, I lived in DC, moved to Orlando, planned a wedding, married my best friend, traveled all over America, celebrated the engagements of some of my closest friends, all sorts of exciting things! 2013 was also my first official full year of being a professional photographer, & whoowee what a journey that has been! Im left speechless. As I look over the thousands & thousands of photos I’ve taken this past year, trying desperately to narrow down a handful of favorites is pretty much impossible. (lets be honest, narrowing down images is not my strong suit to begin with…;) ) My reoccurring thought was, “Wow, I can’t believe how many amazing people I met this year.” Not only that, I can’t believe all these people let me in – they let me into their homes; they let me into their most intimate & sacred moments. If that isn’t enough, all these people trusted me to creatively yet accurately capture who they are. Really guys, that has left me speechless. As much as I love this job because it allows me to stretch myself artistically, what really makes it such a passion for me is the people it allows me to surround myself with. So to all of you who’ve shared your smiles, your tears, your laughter, your first kiss as husband & wife, your newborn baby, your senior year, your family, your chaos, your calm, your engagement, your home… goodness the list really could go on & on. To all of you who’ve entrusted me to document bits & pieces of your ever so unique story…THANK YOU from the deepest parts of me. You guys have made 2013 one of the most unforgettable years of my life & I’ll tell ya, taking the time to reflect back is just getting me all the more jazzed up for what 2014 holds. BRING IT ON.

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