Meet Norah & her amazing parents, Erin & Chris.

First, Ill introduce you to Norah:

I first photographed this darling family almost exactly 1 year ago when Norah was only 6 months old & she was by far the smiliest 6 month old I’ve ever shot… Then again when she turned 1 & just as before, Norah giggle & laughed as she would hold herself up on anything within grabbing distance, while trying so hard to walk & then plopping straight down on her toosh. Which would naturally result in more giggles… & Now just a couple weeks ago I was blessed to photograph her again! This precious girl is 1 & a half & running WILD. Its such a sweet sweet thing as a photographer to be able to watch kiddos grow up & ¬†BOY has this one grown up fast! I call this session “Norah’s Big Adventure” because she lead us all around the streets of Georgetown. From brick alleyways to strangers stoops – Norah Lead the way [with tons of excitement & playfulness may I add!].

Next, Her parents Erin & Chris:

Y’all I love these two. Im not kidding, it was love at first shoot. The first thing that stood out to me on our very first meeting was the way they styled themselves [I studied fashion design, I can't help but love it!]. Tons of color, mix matching prints, its basically a photographers dream. But it wasn’t just that first time, again & again they continue to come all dress & perfectly coordinated like they should be in a magazine! [Side note: I know "what to wear" is one of the hardest things to figure out for photo shoots & especially when you have more than 1 to coordinate! So this time around I asked Erin "How the HECK do you do it?!" & She gave me some AWESOME practical tips - when I get around to It ill definitely put up a blog post with what I learned to help everyone else out there like me who gets majorly bogged down by this intimidating task!]

The second thing that stood out to me about this couple came at the end of our first shoot & has been confirmed every time we’ve met since then: They know their daughter is a child, aka: unpredictable. So they just want to have fun & take some pictures while doing it! SO REFRESHING. I often leave family shoots, especially with babies or toddlers, crossing my fingers & praying to the good Lord that I got at least a couple shots where everyones looking directly at the camera & smiling……………….thats not a good feeling. Parents like Erin & Chris remind me of why I am a LIFESTYLE photographer – not a “Portrait Photographer.” Because babies aren’t always smiling & toddlers don’t always want to listen to you say “look at the camera, CHEESE!” for an hour straight. They want to PLAY! Thats real LIFE. Thats right where their in that stage & those giggles, & goofy faces, & even sometimes tears…that playful, pure, uninhibited spirit each little one so beautifully possess…Y’all THATS what I want my pictures to capture. After all, isn’t that what we miss most about being lil kids?! Erin & Chris – thanks so much for ¬†continually reminding me of this every time we meet.

With alllllll that to say: Enjoy Norah’s Big Adventure!

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