Im not quite sure how to begin describing this wedding…maybe I’ll just start by saying it was one of those that made you wanna go back & do it all over again. Explanation for my husband whose surely reading this: same guy, just new details. ;-] When describing her wedding, Anna Claire used words like natural, organic, & (if you could consider this a describing word) KINFOLK. She has me at Kinfolk. Sweat Meadow Farms could not have been a more perfect setting for such a gorgeous fall affair. The leaves were changing – the sun was shining – everything came together just right. Beyond the details, the bride & groom was that kinda couple you wish you could work with every day. On the outside Anna Claire is absolutely gorgeous but thats only second to how lovely she is on the inside. & Clayton is just pure entertainment, he lit up the room & kept us laughing all day. It just doesn’t get any better than that folks. & Im pretty sure I said “Im freaking out” to my 2nd shooter about 70 times throughout the day – I mean, it was embarrassing. But that was the only words I could muster [amidst normal wedding day craziness] to describe how picture perfect every part of this experience was.

Now all that’s left to say is ENJOY!

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VENUE || Sweet Meadow Farms

BAND || Infinity Showband

FLOWERS || Celebrate! Event Design


BRIDAL GOWN || Winnie Couture

BRIDESMAIDS GOWNS || Bella Bridesmaids


CAKES || Publix Bakery

CATERER || Gabe’s Downtown

2ND SHOOTER || Megan Smalley Photography

DESIGN & COORDINATION || Celebrate! Event Design

FAVORS || Beech Botton Farm


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