The longer I’m in the photography business, the more I realize what a tight knit community it is. One week ago today, five of us met up at the amazing Axum Coffee, swapped stories, & set out to shoot just for the fun of it. But not just anywhere…we set out for the most amazing abandon house in the history of FOREVER. Im talkin’ a photog’s dream location that  the one & only, Shipra so graciously shared with us! There is something so crazy fabulous that happens when you’re around other creatives – it brings inspiration from all angles! Not to mention squeals, laughs, & lots of fresh ideas. Tiffani, Lori, Lucy, & Shipra I feel so blessed to have been apart. I have always look up to each of you (yep! before I ever even metcha!) for the amazing art that you produce, but now I look up to each of you for the beautiful people you truly are. I learned something new from each of you on this shoot & let’s just be honest here, I serrrrriously can’t wait for our next play date! Enjoy.


Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0002Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0003Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0004Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0005Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0006Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0007Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0008Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0009Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0010Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0011Florida Outdoor Wedding Senior Engagement Photographer_0012


shipra - I need a LOVE x 1,000,000 button to press for these! So good, Becca, wow!


Eek, Im so giddy to share this session with y’all. So after after shooting this beauties wedding (if you missed the amazing farm wedding, you can find it here!) I just knew we had to do a “just for the heck of it” session. Not only is she a blast to be around & obviously gorgeous, but she’s down for my crazy photog experiments. So on a whim I emailed her with my crazy idea of meeting in Savannah, GA & just a couple weekends later –  there we were! Making janky flower crowns in my car (really, you should see the bobby pin rig job in the back!), flaunting a pair of fabulous Dora Mae earrings, galavanting around the streets of Savannah on a fabulously cloudy day, chasing pretty light & fabulous backdrops! & Here my friends, is what came of it:

Florida Wedding Photographer_0309Florida Wedding Photographer_0310Florida Wedding Photographer_0311Florida Wedding Photographer_0312Florida Wedding Photographer_0313Florida Wedding Photographer_0314Florida Wedding Photographer_0315Florida Wedding Photographer_0316Florida Wedding Photographer_0317Florida Wedding Photographer_0318Florida Wedding Photographer_0319Florida Wedding Photographer_0320Florida Wedding Photographer_0321Florida Wedding Photographer_0322Florida Wedding Photographer_0323Florida Wedding Photographer_0324Florida Wedding Photographer_0325Florida Wedding Photographer_0326



I am absolutely in love with this couple. They are the type that radiate Jesus both individually & even more so when they’re together. When I sat down with them at Stardust last September there was just an instant connection & when Jake told me he was sure they would have a reception dance party of epic proportions… lets just say the anticipation for their wedding day grew with each passing month. So on January 25th, My sweet (& wildly talented) friend Lucy & I made the trip to Lakeland, FL in with high hopes of a gorgeous day & lots of jittery (compliments of the iced coffees) excitement for the epic dance party at night.

When we walked into the Towers Hair Salon, we were greeted with hugs & smiles & it took all of 60 seconds to fall in love with each of Allison’s bridesmaids. I may be crazy but it kinda felt like we were all old friends. Maybe its because they reminded me of my own friends on my wedding day – they were from all different stages of the brides life, they told funny stories, made sure Allison had just what she needed, & were not shy to hamm it up for the camera – AMEN SISTERS. I love those kinda girls. ;] No but really, nothing speaks more to the character of someone than the type of friends they attract. Allison, you are truly a gem.

To make things better, all the same can be said for the groom & his groomsmen. Lucy & I split up between the boys & girls before the ceremony to capture the last bit of pre wedding excitement & both came back teary because of the way the parties prayed over the couple. They each took turns asking God to protect their romance & to sanctify them through the covenant of marriage as the good times & hard times come. It was absolutely amazing.

Okay goodness I could go on & on about the amazing venue & all the lovely details but you’ll see all of that in the photos below. Im just going to cut this short & end my piece by saying this: Jake, the dance party most DEFINITELY did NOT disappoint. :]


Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0272Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0273Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0274Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0275Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0276Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0277Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0278Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0279Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0280Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0281ARocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0281BRocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0281CRocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0284Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0285Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0286Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0287Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0288Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0289Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0290Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0291Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0292Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0293Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0294Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0295Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0296Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0297Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0298Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0299Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0300Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0301Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0302Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0303Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0304Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0305Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0306Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0307Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0308Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0309Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0310Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0311Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0312Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0313Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0314Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0315Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0316Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0317Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0318Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0319Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0320Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0321Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0322Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0323Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0324Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0325Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0326Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0327Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0328Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0329Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0330Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0331Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0332Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0333Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0334Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0335Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0336Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0337Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0338Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0339Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0340Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0341Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0342Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0343Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0344Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0345Rocking H Ranch Wedding Photographer_0346


VENUE || Rocking H Ranch

CHURCH || Parkview Baptist Church

DESIGN & COORDINATION || Sassy Soiree Event Planners

FLOWERS || Taylormade Floral & Event Decor

MAKE UP || Deena Herbert

HAIR || Towers Hair Design

STATIONARY || Stationary Loft

CAKE || Cakes by Maggi

DJ || Grainger Entertainment

2ND SHOOTER || Lucy Macleish Photography




When Kelly told me she wanted to shoot at the beach I got so stinkin’ excited…not only did it mean I’d be “forced” to take a beach day (yes its true, in Florida we get to lay out in January!) but also that Id get to shoot in a location I had been dreaming about for quite some time – the New Smyrna Beach Jetties. The humongous rocks & crashing waves made for the most romantic of  scenes, absolutely perfect for an engagement session. Then this couple has one of those infectious kinda loves that makes me squeal behind the camera [I think you'll quickly see what I mean]. To top it off, I felt like these two were old friends by the end of the session & it just doesn’t get any better than that, folks! So without further ado I present to you, Kelly & Trey!

Florida Wedding Photographer_0239Florida Wedding Photographer_0240Florida Wedding Photographer_0241Florida Wedding Photographer_0242Florida Wedding Photographer_0243Florida Wedding Photographer_0244Florida Wedding Photographer_0245Florida Wedding Photographer_0246Florida Wedding Photographer_0247Florida Wedding Photographer_0248Florida Wedding Photographer_0249Florida Wedding Photographer_0250Florida Wedding Photographer_0251Florida Wedding Photographer_0252Florida Wedding Photographer_0253Florida Wedding Photographer_0254Florida Wedding Photographer_0255Florida Wedding Photographer_0256Florida Wedding Photographer_0257Florida Wedding Photographer_0258Florida Wedding Photographer_0259Florida Wedding Photographer_0260Florida Wedding Photographer_0261Florida Wedding Photographer_0262Florida Wedding Photographer_0263



2013 was one heck of a year! Personally, I lived in DC, moved to Orlando, planned a wedding, married my best friend, traveled all over America, celebrated the engagements of some of my closest friends, all sorts of exciting things! 2013 was also my first official full year of being a professional photographer, & whoowee what a journey that has been! Im left speechless. As I look over the thousands & thousands of photos I’ve taken this past year, trying desperately to narrow down a handful of favorites is pretty much impossible. (lets be honest, narrowing down images is not my strong suit to begin with…;) ) My reoccurring thought was, “Wow, I can’t believe how many amazing people I met this year.” Not only that, I can’t believe all these people let me in – they let me into their homes; they let me into their most intimate & sacred moments. If that isn’t enough, all these people trusted me to creatively yet accurately capture who they are. Really guys, that has left me speechless. As much as I love this job because it allows me to stretch myself artistically, what really makes it such a passion for me is the people it allows me to surround myself with. So to all of you who’ve shared your smiles, your tears, your laughter, your first kiss as husband & wife, your newborn baby, your senior year, your family, your chaos, your calm, your engagement, your home… goodness the list really could go on & on. To all of you who’ve entrusted me to document bits & pieces of your ever so unique story…THANK YOU from the deepest parts of me. You guys have made 2013 one of the most unforgettable years of my life & I’ll tell ya, taking the time to reflect back is just getting me all the more jazzed up for what 2014 holds. BRING IT ON.

Florida Wedding Photographer_0158Florida Wedding Photographer_0159Florida Wedding Photographer_0160Florida Wedding Photographer_0161Florida Wedding Photographer_0162Florida Wedding Photographer_0163Florida Wedding Photographer_0164Florida Wedding Photographer_0165Florida Wedding Photographer_0166Florida Wedding Photographer_0169Florida Wedding Photographer_0168Florida Wedding Photographer_0167Florida Wedding Photographer_0170Florida Wedding Photographer_0171Florida Wedding Photographer_0172Florida Wedding Photographer_0173Florida Wedding Photographer_0174Florida Wedding Photographer_0175Florida Wedding Photographer_0176Florida Wedding Photographer_0177Florida Wedding Photographer_0178Florida Wedding Photographer_0179Florida Wedding Photographer_0180Florida Wedding Photographer_0181Florida Wedding Photographer_0182Florida Wedding Photographer_0183Florida Wedding Photographer_0184Florida Wedding Photographer_0185Florida Wedding Photographer_0186Florida Wedding Photographer_0187Florida Wedding Photographer_0188Florida Wedding Photographer_0189Florida Wedding Photographer_0190Florida Wedding Photographer_0191Florida Wedding Photographer_0192Florida Wedding Photographer_0193Florida Wedding Photographer_0194Florida Wedding Photographer_0196Florida Wedding Photographer_0197Florida Wedding Photographer_0198Florida Wedding Photographer_0199Florida Wedding Photographer_0200Florida Wedding Photographer_0201Florida Wedding Photographer_0202Florida Wedding Photographer_0203Florida Wedding Photographer_0204Florida Wedding Photographer_0205Florida Wedding Photographer_0206Florida Wedding Photographer_0207Florida Wedding Photographer_0208Florida Wedding Photographer_0209Florida Wedding Photographer_0210